About Us

Care for Cows Project

Our cows and bulls are protected from birth. We have constructed a natural earth cow barn (goshalla) and dairy to shelter up to forty cows. It is the first of its kind in Victoria, and provides a valuable educational facility for the local community.
In today’s commercial dairy industry cows are simply used for milk production. They are subjected to improper treatment and are ultimately slaughtered by the meat industry.
At Hare Krishna Valley, we practice a non-violent (ahimsa) lifestyle, which means that every cow, calf and bull live for the duration of their lives without fear of death, mistreatment or being over milked. The calves enjoy happily suckling milk from their mothers.

A Sustainable Future

The modern societies dependence on fossil fuels cannot last forever. Therefore, to set a positive example, we are committed to producing food in a sustainable way depending on the cows and bulls.

In order to fulfill this vision, we require sponsorship and investment for our Care for Cows project. This project is fast becoming an example of sustainability for the whole community, and our vision is to grow into the future.

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