Please support our Care for Cows initiative and receive the satisfaction of knowing that your donation is protecting and maintaining the cows at Hare Krishna Valley.

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Miscellaneous Expenses - Target: A$6300

There are many other expenses that will pop up from time to time whether it be related directly to the cows, the technology or the people who are involved. Your contribution will help cover these type of expenses.

Dairy Plant Renovation - Target: A$7500

This donation will help us renovate the existing facility for milking the cows.

Stock Acquisition - Target: A$7200

Your donation amount will help us purchase 3 Gir cows. This small herd will be the foundation to build a larger herd and a fully functional dairy plant.

New Goshala - Target: A$25,000

Your contribution here will enable us to build the residence for the cows - Goshala or a Cow Shed. It will be a nice place for them to be nurtured and supported.

Herd's Ongoing Expenses - Target: A$4000

This will help buy all the feed, supplements and medicines for the whole year.

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Thank you so much for your support of Krishna’s cows!
Care For Cows Team