The Appeal

Dear Friend,

We all like the friendship of like-minded people – and even sometimes we like to be around our relatives! We don’t like feeling lonely, but do you know we are not the only species who likes the company of their fellow kind.

At Hare Krishna Valley, our last cow, Mother Chintamani, is very lonely. To make it even worse, she is lame and elderly.

Recently, we discovered that this lovely old Jersey cross has a very strong desire. We found out by chance one day when Manigriva, our farm manager, came home from a shopping trip to find Chintamani and Gaura Hari, the goat, were nowhere to be found.

Manigriva looked in all the usual spots where Chintamani sometimes gets through her fence. Not finding her and becoming increasingly anxious, Manigriva pondered her fate.

As he crossed the far corner of one of the farm’s eastern-most paddocks, he saw that at the back the kangaroos had created a new track. Their path led over the fence, where a large branch had fallen across the wires in the recent stormy weather.

He breathed a deep sigh of relief when he discovered Cintamani’s hoofprints leading down the track with Gaura Hari’s alongside.

However, Manigriva’s curiosity was seriously piqued. Why has she gone into the forest? Where is she going?

Following her prints, he walked for some time. Finally, seeing our neighbour’s cows in the distance he realised that Chintamani was just feeling lonely. She had walked all this way looking for a herd!

Would you like to help Chintamani spend her last years happy in the company of friends? We are rejuvenating Hare Krishna Valley’s Cow Protection Program. We are calling it ‘Care for Cows’.

We want to demonstrate simple living and high thinking at Hare Krishna Valley. The Care for Cows program is vitally essential to this objective.

Cow protection brings you closer to nature, closer to Krishna and closer to your own eternal nature. Our goal is to gradually breed a herd of 40 Gir cows, both milking cows and working bullocks.

The Gir, originating in Gujarat, in north-western India, has a charming, distinctive appearance. They have a rounded, domed forehead, long pendulous ears and horns that spiral out and back. They are considered the most gentle of the Zebu breeds.

They also love being with humans. They adore being brushed and scratched on their big dew laps (the sack of loose skin found under their necks), around the head and between the back legs.  They are also gregarious with each other, and at night they form a circle very close together, with their calves sleeping under their necks.

It is a moderate to large-size breed that can do well in harsh conditions. Gir cows are highly fertile, calving very easily and regularly. Their milk is one of the best and most nutritious in the world, while the Gir bullocks are very hard working.

To develop a Gir herd at Hare Krishna Valley, the cows will need your support. Firstly, their old dairy needs to be renovated. They also need a new goshalla where they can take shelter and be cared for.

Secondly, parts of their farm need to be fenced to protect their valuable pasture from the native kangaroos (who compete with our cows for pasture).

The cows will be hand-milked and receive our care for life, whether they are producing milk or not. The bullocks will be trained and worked. The love we will give them will ensure they’ll be very happy and productive cows.

Cow protection shows the world how peaceful and easy it is to live on the land in a simpler more natural way, depending on the gifts already provided by nature for us.

If you would like to help Mother Chintamani and please her protector –Lord Krishna – I cannot think of a better way to attract His merciful glance.

You will be fulfilling your religious duties, following the path of dharma. By caring for Krishna’s cows you will become peaceful, satisfied and happy.

Please don’t delay. You can donate to the initiative online today!

If you provide $1,000 or more you will receive a free weekend at Hare Krishna Valley where you can personally help care for Krishna’s cows and receive unlimited sukriti or pious, ever-lasting spiritual benefits. Not only that, but you and your family will feel more relaxed and free from material anxiety when you are in the presence of the cows – I assure you!

Your servant,

Aniruddha Dasa
Temple President
International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)
(Also known as Hare Krishna Melbourne)
197 Danks Street, Albert Park,
VIC 3206, Australia