The Plan

Running a dairy farm and caring for cows involves plenty of planning, resources and funds.

Below is the layout for the Goshala:

131110 Goshala floor plan

This is the existing milking area that will need to be rebuilt.


We will also need to build a strong and high fencing around the farm to prevent the kangaroos from competing with the cows for grass.


The Farm manager and the new Goshala will be located close to each other.

Goshala location


We plan to gradually fence off 4 areas of the farm from Kangaroos:

  1. 26 hectares including 18.7 hectares of summer and winter paddocks surrounding a new Goshala and renovated Dairy.
  2. 8.3 hectares including 7.7 hectares of summer paddocks
  3. 0.9 hectares for summer fodder
  4. 17.7 hectares including 15.6 hectares of winter paddocks